• Octopus Deploy precompile ASP.NET application

    Today, we’ll take look at various ways to pre-compile your ASP.NET application, while integrating with OctopusDeploy. Option A) Precompile when you deploy to machine in Octopus This is probably the easiest. All you need to do is add new […]
  • TFS 2015 Merge Work Items Event Handler

    Hey everyone, I have updated TFS 2013 work item merge project, it’s quite useful. For more information, check out https://github.com/ChrisEelmaa/TFS-2015-Merge-Work-Items-Event-Handler
  • Using Octopus Deploy and Gulp with TFSBuild 2013

    If you’d like to use these technologies together, it won’t be hard, however, to save you some time & for myself in the future, let me show you what I did. For some reason, I have tendency to go […]
  • OIFF (Order it for future) principle

    In programming, we have many different principles, some of them include: SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, KISS. Might blog about these in the future, but right now, I am going to introduce a principle called OIFF principle. What is the principle about? […]
  • Stackoverflow users who are Microsoft employees

    I thought it would be cool to have a list of Microsoft employees who contribute to StackOverflow. I’ve always find these guys posts very informative, as they literally know the internals of Microsoft, and have participated in various design […]
  • WPF ICommand Close button

    How can you bind Close button against ICommand, in a such way that if the ICommand becomes disabled, the “Close button” becomes disabled too (grayed out)? This is classical pattern: if user starts a critical process, you should disable […]
  • WiX TFS heat file access denied

    TFS heat file access denied problem occurs usually on TFS server. When you try to set up WiX project to build automatically in TFS build, there’s a good chance you will get error, saying something like this: heat.exe: Access to […]
  • Entity framework with dynamic schema changes, using Database-First approach.

    Scenario: I needed to use Entity Framework. However, it was a little bit complicated for few reasons: Schema names were dynamic <–> that means we need to change our model on runtime Connection string generation had to be dynamic, […]
  • How to install Windows Service using Wix Harvesting and XLST

    Today we will take a look at XSLT and heat. We have one (“relatively”) common scenario: We harvest service project, and want to install that service. Now, this is possible with ServiceInstall/ServiceControl elements, however, once files are harvested, we […]
  • Harvesting files with Wix Heat

    If you are creating a new WiX Installer, files have to be added into installer that will be installed on user system. There are various way to add those files into WiX. If your project is evolving and you […]
  • CouchSurfing

    CouchSurfing is just a concept where people travel around the world and locals host them. Hosting essentially means that you get to meet locals and you will stay with them. They give you a place to sleep, and tell […]
  • Voice

    Have you ever thought about your voice? If not, I think it’s time  Scientifically, you are using your voice box that is inside “larynx”. Larynx is part of your throat that blocks passage to your air pipe when you […]
  • Modernizing myself through smartphone

    I’ve had Samsung Galaxy S2 for two years. It has millions of applications and tons of functions, but I’ve used only few of them(calling, sending SMS, viber), seems stupid right? Probably is, but now I’ve had some free time. Few […]
  • Close call

    I see that life can be itself even more absurd, than it is in the movies. Imagine this, last year I helped my dad to take down old rotten trees and branches. The process wasn’t that complicated, as my […]
  • Brain fascination

    Yes. Since I’ve obsessed with brain lately(A LOT!!), it’s time to write about it! Im not gonna be technical. Nobody likes reading technical gibberish, it’s hard to relate. I like what Michio Kaku said. He said (approximately) ~~  Everyone […]
  • Exciting adventure

    It all started few months back, on the rainy day. I wanted to have nice big trip. Plus the fact that I was also planning to visit Norway, Bergen(tricking gathering) but it never happened because university didn’t allow me. […]
  • I just realized

    that I like to write. I have over 65 posts which only 1/3 are visible to public. There’s something relaxing about writing&reading. You know, just laying on sofa, having a cup of tea and writing. That said, I would […]

    I’ve traveled only few times to the outside countries, which is sad. Im seeking for more adventure, the sooner the better. I remember visiting finland, which was pretty nice experience but it’s too close to Estonia. I want something […]
  • Dimethalkalyne-4

    So there we were, two boys, full of testosterone, wanting to hit gym badly. But how could two boys afford to go into gym without any money and job? As I had watched few days earlier, “Catch me if […]
  • Ultra cool project

    So.. I’ve been lately kinda busy with the project we currently do with team. I gotta admit, that project is super-cool, I’ve tested/tried so many different things, and pretty much anyone would be amazed what kind of stuff one […]
  • Motherfuarking dog

    So for a year or two, I’ve been going past a house where’s damn scary dog, fence is high, but so is the dog’s ability to jump. Every single time I wonder if it’s this time when it’s gonna […]