Brain fascination

Yes. Since I’ve obsessed with brain lately(A LOT!!), it’s time to write about it! Im not gonna be technical. Nobody likes reading technical gibberish, it’s hard to relate.

I like what Michio Kaku said. He said (approximately) ~~  Everyone is born as scientists. When we come to this world, we begin to wonder about everything. Why are there stars. What’s out there? So many questions. But at some point, society kills that interest. Schools suck. Teaching methods are all wrong. painting-wizard-j-w-baker
And by wrong, I do mean wrong. We memorize a lot of stupid gibberish – formulas, facts. We think that memorization equals science. We supress interest.

Not only are teaching methods all wrong & kill interest, they are inefficient. It’s a fact that at one point, we will forget what we learned in school, if we dont use it. Why wont we use better methods? It’s impossible to change such things. People are way stuck. People are repetitive creations. Nobody likes changes that they dont understand.

In my previous post somewhere, the only reason I ever became sophisticated enough in math(“IMO”), is that I learned it all by myself and never got bored. SCHOOL can and WILL  kill interest. Only the ones who are more curious can be successful. “Every little flower of curiosity is crushed by society itself.” ~Albert Einstein

Have you seen people with super memories? Like, memorizing really long digits. Like, memorizing books page by page, word by word. It’s not a super memory. If you ever do things, they have to be systemical. Trying to memorize something just by repeating it over and over is ridiculous. But that’s how 99% of people memorize something.

First of all, chance of forgeting is big.
Second of all, you WILL forget it.
And third; it takes way much time.

Avita is already producing colourful book with many pictures. It’s already easier to memorize new stuff and if the stuff actually sticks to you, it’s a lot more fun! If I now think back to primary school, I only remember colourful pictures from Avita books.

People chose this way because it’s simpler. Something can be simple, but it most likely wont be good. That’s what happened in past. There were two methods of memorizing things. Either by repeating, or by using visualisation combined with pictures. Since most of the lazy bastards thought that Repeating is better – we chose it. Education is a lot lower level than it should.

I am glad that Avita has ideas how to overcome problems with education. A lot of pictures combined with videos etc. We shall see how it works in future. I am really interested to see change. Avita materials are really good. I am just little mad because at my time, there were no Avita colourful books(atleast not many), and I didn’t know about memorization techniques.

Brain is like, memory chip. You can store/delete/read from it. But using it in the wrong way, wont get you any results. To give an idea what im talking about, twitter_question_mark
let’s start by few basics:

1) You can memorize only numbers with less than 7 +/- 2 digits(that is,””NORMAL MEMORY””). This is called Millers effect. It’s super interesting how those digits even stay in the memory. Nobody knows. Magical number 7 
2) Abstract things are really hard for brain
3) Brain loves pictures

And the third point is really what opens gate for memory. It’s super easy to memorize picture. But remembering a word, is much harder. The way brain stores images is fascinating. If you look the picture, brain will create connections and links. It will notice details and how they relate to each other. But brain will not remember actual picture. Now that brain has connections, it can actually generate picture back to something “visual” that you can imagine in your mind. For IT guys, you can essentially imagine set of connections&algorithm which generates graph – brain.

How does this come to useful? Basing everything around images and connections will improve your memory over 100 times if not more. I can memorize 50 digits with 20 minutes. Once I’ve spent 20 minutes, I do not need to repeat it. I can tell you those digits week later, in a reverse order. I can tell you #47th digit. I can tell you all digits that are 2(their position). Once you get proficient enough, there is no “I forgot”. One does not simply forget.

Today we dont trust our brains much. We go to shop, with a paper where everything is written. We google about stuff we used to know, and so on. It can go only downhill from there. If you dont use your brain, it will degenerate. It’s true that the percent of Alzeimer disease is rising. It’s like your muscle, if you dont train it, it’ll shrink to point where it’s not nice..

Okay, how do the numbers work? It’s relatively simple. It takes quite a lot of work to get started, but once you have it, it’s awesome. You need to map each digit into a picture. This is done in reflexitive level. You will not forget those pictures. If I say “SOFA”, what will you see? Sofa. Now I say 0293822789483794 what do you see? Nothing. What do I see? Head, elephant, bag, hat, dog, tank, trophy, bed.

Those are really simple pictures. You can now memorize the sequence of those items to somewhere familiar place. (Those are called databases). You have a lot of databases in brain and you can do everything you want. Delete/Store/Fetch without any loss. seconds/PER ITEM means that how much seconds it takes to memorize one picture and recall it later. You can get it to 1s per item. Essentially it means memorizing that number takes about~20 seconds.

Now you really might wonder, why the fuck should memorizing digits become ever useful? You DO need to memorize numerical data. Years, Mobile phones, and so on. If you are working as accountant, numbers are you friend. You will become super-effective. What if you met with cute girl and you want her number, but dont have any pen/phone? No problem.

There are no limits for brain. I think world record for memorizing digits per hour is around 2-3k. Learning new language is fun. Memorizing a book is fun. Scoring 100/100 on each test you have in school, totally fun! I will keep exploring brain and write in future more, once I’ve mastered either russian/spain or french. Not sure yet. And I plan to memorize complete book(page by page) once I acquire more skills.


Now it’s important what you feed to your brain. Sugar will KILL your brain. It’s funny how everyone is eating candy before exams. “Oh yeah I will totally nail that shit” – Sugar will actually irritate your brain and wont let it think. Anything to do with fast-carbs is bad. Avoid them. It’s also important to give your brain some omega-3. Usually you can get it from flexseed semens(just thought that one up). I can guarantee you that you’re not getting enough omega-3. Those foods will help with concetration. If you ever have concenration problems, why not try out? I’ve even achieved state where I dont hear anyone yelling my name  because my concetration was at one single point. It was strong ~_~ . Coffee is definitely a killer.


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