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  • Voice

    Have you ever thought about your voice? If not, I think it’s time  Scientifically, you are using your voice box that is inside “larynx”. Larynx is part of your throat that blocks passage to your air pipe when you […]

  • Brain fascination

    Yes. Since I’ve obsessed with brain lately(A LOT!!), it’s time to write about it! Im not gonna be technical. Nobody likes reading technical gibberish, it’s hard to relate. I like what Michio Kaku said. He said (approximately) ~~  Everyone […]

  • I just realized

    that I like to write. I have over 65 posts which only 1/3 are visible to public. There’s something relaxing about writing&reading. You know, just laying on sofa, having a cup of tea and writing. That said, I would […]