Close call

I see that life can be itself even more absurd, than it is in the movies. Imagine this, last year I helped my dad to take down old rotten trees and branches. The process wasn’t that complicated, as my dad is old alpinist, he knows his shit, techniques, ropes, knots etc. I was the one who secured him. First, he used cats(that’s what we call them in Estonia), climbed up tree (10-20m) and when he was up, I secured him by holding rope, it was hard sometimes because I was the one who supported his full-body weight, but we managed it. Now imagine this, there is a tree and big branch.

Now we have to take that branch down securely (because there was a house below). And if that branch would’ve fall on that house, it basically would’ve exploded. So there I was, my dad said that it’s way too big for me to handle it, but I am like I am, and I was certain that I could handle it, since back then I was all about lifting and was at my strength peak I guess. We took few security measures, but what essentially happened is that I flew horizontally/vertically at the same time, like I was some kind of a stunt man. Now I didn’t get actually hurt, but that feeling was something new, something I’ve never felt before, it happened so fast. We estimated the branch to be about 200-300kg, I wasnt supporting the weight directly, just part of it, but damn, still, that branch was one heck of a guy. ps, Imagine a view of me securing my dad, while he has a chainsaw like Jason from the JasonVsFreddy

There is always something with me and unknown things, when I was young, I was certain that nothing would happen when some car crashed into me(but I never considered to try it), and it was with many things, but when you grow up, you are starting to see limits. Ah yeh I remember when I was at the sea and thinking that world is soo damn small actually. I also imagined every day that when some car even would accidently crash into me, I would have perfect reaction skills and I would either frontflip over it or jump.

Man is defined by his experiences, and experiences by themselves are nothing more than a mistakes that people like to call experience.


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