CouchSurfing is just a concept where people travel around the world and locals host them. Hosting essentially means that you get to meet locals and you will stay with them. They give you a place to sleep, and tell you interesting stories, show you different places. You don’t pay anything but a smile.

I found site from my colleague, it came up when we were discussing traveling. Each user has a profile, and other users feedback. It is generally safe in my opinion. It can be little intimidating at first, but just use your instincts and you will be fine. I haven’t heard of any accident, though I’ve had really old (gay)people wanting to stay with me. Forgive me for being a little skeptical ;-)

Why would you host? Well, if you are into meeting new people and concepts(widening your mind), then it’s good choice. You both exchange interesting stories and culture, you get more references to your life.  I just love to talk one-to-one, because then my concentration is 100% and conversations will stay in my memory for a long time. When im with a group, then it’s fun, but not.. exciting, and not that stimulating, can you relate? Connections are awesome. Social clique is good, but don’t limit yourself with similiar people. Meet people with opposite world views & understand & learn & teach.

I’ve learned:

  • cool cooking tips from various countries(France, Singapoure)
  • awesome facts(there is such thing called Singlish :P )
  • how life actually is, based on locals telling me(this is a lot better than reading some bullshit propaganda from media)
  • fun experinces I should try
  • .. and so on :)

Crashing anywhere in the world while having there friends, priceless. I don’t plan using hostels&hotels any time soon. And im sure the concept of CouchSurfing will progress a lot more. Older people are starting to use it. More people hosting each other means less job for hotels & hostels. They’ve totally lost me and countless other humans already :) , but really, it’s not about money. It’s about the concept. You get to see things that no tourist will ever see, you hear stories that no tourist will ever hear, you experience things that no tourist will experience, you build friendships.


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