So there we were, two boys, full of testosterone, wanting to hit gym badly. But how could two boys afford to go into gym without any money and job? As I had watched few days earlier, “Catch me if you can”; Movie where one guy started to forge checks, it was actually based on true story as far I remember, cool stuff. I come up with a rather bizarre idea.

What about we forge gym tickets? The process itself should not be hard, we had one old ticket, and started to explore copy-offices, until we found one. We gave in order, and recieved like 20 tickets. Now the problem was that, the ticket came out too thin, but not to worry, we used paper-glue to stick two together, and it worked like a charm.

We had to write bunch of information to it, name, expiration date, some number-code. That wasn’t so hard, right? Now we finally had finished them, set of tickets for free pass. We we’re ready!

As we moved to the gym, adrenaline went up by a notch, the feeling of ‘will it work or not?’ And what the fuckj, it worked, the feelings we had. Me and him started to dance, planning out our future inch by inch, what we’re gonna do the next day and so on. We lifted hard, I squatted and he did chest, I guess.. as I was squating, some guy came over me, asked me if I was Erki, at the same time holding the fake ticket on his hand, one side ripped halfly off from the glue. Oh man, “holy FUCKING shit”, that what I was thinking, but then again, my name was not Erki, so I told him NO im not. Then he moved further, asked from my friend, if he was “personXXX”, and yeah he said, now $hit just got real.

They took him up, and started to talk, they talked for 20 minutes, I kept lifting. As my friend got back, he told me; “get out, they are looking for you”, so I did. They never saw me hehe.

My friend got off relatively easy, we then put our path to busstop. We talked how close we were and that we would never pull this shit again. Ooh the joy of this shit ended.

Now we we’re at the bus stop, and I saw bus coming and I went myself home.. suddenly, I hear my friend screaming my name; “come here!”, I looked back, and I see car. Woah, what the fuck is that? I had calm nerves, and stepped into car, now what do I see? The owners of gym picked us just UP, smooth shit.

They called up police, so we could write our stories how we got the fake tickets etc. As you can imagine, we had made up story, that we bought the tickets without knowing anything.

Ok we were back in gym, they started to question us
1) where did we get tickets?
2) how much they cost?

we had like one hour conversation, but long story short, we had either coming some criminal-shit or we could admit that we did the tickets. The one interviewer, he was good, his own words;”I am ex-police”. He got to us fast, and my friend’s story had so many holes that finally we all started to laugh really badly, we promised to never this shit off again, and the one told that we should get him a drink “Jägermeister”, my friend asked then: how big? and the answer was: as big as your heart is.

My friend came back with 0.5L jägermeister few hours later with BMW. I laughed hard when I heard this.
Now this isnt all, we went to another gym, like 15km away, as we did cardio(run laps), we saw the SAME GUY running behind us, and he heard how we talked about this incident, then smiled.

This story is old.


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