I just realized

that I like to write. I have over 65 posts which only 1/3 are visible to public. There’s something relaxing about writing&reading. You know, just laying on sofa, having a cup of tea and writing. That said, I would like to write about basic human behaviour. I am gonna show you few examples and how you can apply this knowledge to yourself. Hopefully when I end this post, I am still talking about human behaviour and not about horses or something. This is all basic as I said, but most people do the exact opposite, me included, sometimes.

Bcs. Humans are emotional creatures, not logic ones. Mainly. So this leads me to first point.
Never argue with anyone, and if you do, then you gotta know where are the limits. Someone said, “Best way to win an argument is not to argue” and this is true. You see, we all are affected by the world we live in, and each human believes into something. You can argue, and even WIN the argument, but in reality, you have lost by arguing. You see, if you argue and say something like “NO, You’re wrong!”, then you are putting another humanbeing into protective mode.
Okay, this is not true with true friends, you can argue whatever the fuck you want to argue, but generally im talking about people whom you meet first time, coworkers, business friends, etc.

You dont want to hurt anybody’s pride, and if you CAN’T resist, then you better learn how to argue without putting anyone into protective mode(which is not that easy).

Second thing, “ME” is the most important thing. There could be 100 children dieing somewhere in Africa, but if you have aching teeth, you only give shit about yourself. I remember when Linnar Priimägi said that the way to differentiate between sophisticated people and selfish fucks, is that selfish fucks always say “…me…me”. True I guess. Now you know. You can take away here two things. First, all people are most interested in themselves. Secondly, your favourite word is your NAME! So, you could start welcoming everyone by their name. I remember a man, who had ability to remember every name he hears. They said he could write ~10 000 first names. And if the man was interviewed, he said, NO! I know 50 000 names. And he was not lieing.

He developed a clever system how to associate human face and name. We barely forget human face, but almost always forget name. Associating is not that hard, basic principle is that you check something unique in human face, then make the name rhyme with the face part somehow and link them imaginary in mind. Last I tried the system myself(for interest), it really worked and I memorized 20 people’s faces&names easily. That without system was SO hard! I should write about brain some time, to be honest, one of my dreams were to become brain surgeon, because.. that shit is hardcore.

Did you know that the most successful people were not super smart but had an ability to treat people well. This is true, you only need to be average smart and have good ability to treat people well, and trust me, you have no problems achieving whatever you want financially.

Third, as I already said, almost nobody gives a shit what you want. So let’s say that you’re renting apartment. Apartment’s owner wants now more money from you. Instead of saying and whining like little bitch & arguing, you can just start viewing things from his side. Why does he want more money, what does he lose when he rises the pay, and so on. I think Harrison Ford said that before doing something silly, you should always put yourself to other human position and see things from his view. If you can do that, things get easier.

Fourth – Smile. That is one important thing. Chinese even have old saying that goes something like this; “Man without a smile should not keep a shop”. Smile is something that poor people can give but costs more than rich have money. It’s that powerful, yes! Soo.. smile and see what changes.

Now, people are expressing negativity all the time. It’s so easy to complain. Yet, complaining does not do shit. Say, you have a worker who messed something up, now it’s so easy to bash him, but if you’re smart, you wont do it. You will try to see something positive in the situation, after all, all humans make mistakes. If you bash it, all you do is make him feel even more shittier than he already does. I remember when Person1 cost 50m$ for a company, and what boss did.. he complimented Person1′s previous good work, needless to say that company is doing super well.

Abraham Lincoln (American president, remember?) was known for being hardcore critic. He always had something to say to someone. He wrote letters to many guys etc. Until he learned lesson. He sent letter to newspaper, as anonymously, to bash one guy. Now, the guy found out who sent the letter, and requested him to a dual. Lincoln didn’t want to fight for life and death, but in order to save his dignity, he accepted. Took few lessons etc. Thing is, the match never fortunately happened and Lincoln learned great lesson. Never, ever he once criticized anyone again. Not a single bad thing was ever said by him. And this my friends is why he was one of the greatest presidents ever. It’s always easier to say negativity out, because, then you will feel better. On other’s behalf.

Two most important things for humans are health and desire to feel important. We almost never-ever compliment anyone. So complimenting is another powerful thing. There is a difference between sincere compliment and flattery.
Flattery is basically telling someone something that he already knows by himself. I am not talking about telling that some girl is beautiful or something. Trust me, beautiful girls already know that, and they will be “Heey thanks” but that’s it. What really hits is that if you notice something unique.

If you like something about someone, tell it to him. If you mean it, it will not be flattery ;).
If you dont like something about someone, shut the fuck up or learn how to express negativity better.
Everyone is crawing for recognition!


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