I’ve traveled only few times to the outside countries, which is sad. Im seeking for more adventure, the sooner the better. I remember visiting finland, which was pretty nice experience but it’s too close to Estonia. I want something forbidden, tropic, exciting, more adventurous. I am in progress of making list of 1000 things I want to do before .. some of things are cheap, some things really stupid, some things amazing. Im reaching 100 soon(things I want to do), I plan to release that list if I do hit 1000 entries. WHICH SHOULD NOT BE HARD

Since I sometimes like blogging, im gonna tell you about trip + phlus it’s good idea to actually write it here so I would not forget some awesome things ;)

It started all about 20 days back, when I heard that bunch of people are hitting it to the Trysil, Norway(ski resort – biggest in Norway afaik). I did not think much about my financial condition, if I heard norway and thought about it’s landscape I’ve seen from pictures, there was no questions or doubts in my mind. The yes was in my mind in zero seconds.
Though it also meant that I couldn’t visit Cirque du Soleil which I REALLY wanted to see, I still want. Had to sell ticket cheaper.

So I needed snowboard and other stuff what we rented from ExtremeSport(I think anyways), that was about 35€ for 9 days, not bad. I packed clothes, book, helmet, few othr misc shit. And ready we go..hopped to the ship with car, watched few shows, not that interesting.
As we arrived to Stockholm, it was time to drive to Hedmark(city where Trysil is located), the route was something like this:
Stockholm, Gäblve, Fälun, More, Trysil. I THINK

A lot of driving happened, about 7-8 hours, I wish car factories were not fucking you in to the face and actually gave shit about taller people. My legs, head, everything died basically.
What I saw? It was nice to see horses, deers, in snow. We were riding from one state to another, from autumn to winter.
At one point, you saw green grass field, the next(4 hrs), you see 50cm snow, I actually WANT to drive from summer to autumn to winter in some point.

There was this highway, 200km or something, and each side of forest was covered with fence, to build something like that, it has to take many years, it was(I guess) to protect animals from drivers and vice versa.
At one point, when out of town, things started to get interesting.
Many lakes on each side of road, you could count over 20 easily. And they were not small, shall I say, they were too big.
And uh, imagine this, each side of road had rock walls(natural), with interesting patterns from ice and rocks. Too bad I could not get picture.

Pretty much every house I saw in norway, was red, few white ones and yellow. Many boys looked like Teddys, which by what I was not surprised hehe.(blonde, emokind hair). Now im talking about the people I saw in Stockholm city, but sweden girls were cute. Everything was expensive, 50 EEK for ice cream, 200 EEK to park under mallingshop for 2 hours. Ad so on

But fuck that
We finally arrived(with an empty gasoline tank for 30 minutes, lucky us!), no riding today thoug, it was night, just a little sauna, movie, and bam, sleep time.
Next day, it was time to rip it. I started slowly, gaining power and going to the bigger paths, each day by day.
Mountain is 1,1km high, it is well planned, so you can take many different paths down and ride back up with one of 15 elevators, some of them were condors, some just usual ones. Whatever the path you take, you dont have to walk, you can go instantly up! Paths themselves could go over 4km, that means you will ride for good 5 minutes if not more.

You rode up in 8 minutes usually, I crashed many times, one time pretty seriously(frontflipped and twisted my knees), but nothing time cant fix..Paths themselves were long, divided to groups, ‘very easy’, ‘easy’, ‘medium’, ‘expert’. I got lost few times, but that was my fault

That was awesome experience, I loved riding snowboard, but let me tell you about what I loved, the feeling when I got up, walked myself for about 300m to the mountain highest spot, and watched all over the landscape, it was memorizable moment, something that triggers coldshakes for me. I saw it all, lakes, mountains, snow, sun, soo many different colors.
Silly me thought that if I bring camera the next day, Ill be able to capture it, but no. Next day, everything was covered in fog, you could see only 10m max, that’s when I crashed badly, and decided to not ride for that day. Last days were also foggy, but so much that you could ride normally, just I could not see the view again with camera.

To be completely honest, I got little frustrated when I saw Estonia weather when I came back -.-, I could write more but once you write out what you liked the most, it kind of makes me lazy and I think im off to eat something and then probably hit gymsession. PS, once I got down to Estonia, my nose got instantly gave up, FUCK how I hate the winter estonia weather, can’t breathe correctly.


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