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  • WiX TFS heat file access denied

    TFS heat file access denied problem occurs usually on TFS server. When you try to set up WiX project to build automatically in TFS build, there’s a good chance you will get error, saying something like this: heat.exe: Access to […]

  • How to install Windows Service using Wix Harvesting and XLST

    Today we will take a look at XSLT and heat. We have one (“relatively”) common scenario: We harvest service project, and want to install that service. Now, this is possible with ServiceInstall/ServiceControl elements, however, once files are harvested, we […]

  • Harvesting files with Wix Heat

    If you are creating a new WiX Installer, files have to be added into installer that will be installed on user system. There are various way to add those files into WiX. If your project is evolving and you […]